Providing counseling and Psychotherapy courses
to the interested Indian individuals.

Welcome To Institute for Psychotherapy and Management Sciences, Mumbai

I.P.M.S is started with the noble mission of providing counseling and Psychotherapy courses at an affordable cost to the interested Indian inviduals.
The Institution (I.P.M.S) is duly registered under the Societies registration Act XXI of 1860. Under the provision the this Act this INSTITUTION IS RECOGNISED AS A SERVICE , TRAINING AND RESEARCH ORGANISATION.
The Institution offers training and services to all persons regardless of caste, creed,religion and region. It maintains national character and serves on all India basis. Our students are from different parts of the country and abroad also. The Executive Committee consisting of committed people is responsible for the general development and maintenance of the Institution, Its vision is to develop as a unique institution in the country.
The managing Committee constitutes experts from the fields of Psychology, Counseling, Education, Management, medicine and Media Communication etc. vested with authority to confer Certificates, Diplomas and Professional Awards.


Despite an increase in scientific productivity and material success, statistics shows that the rate of mental disturbances in terms of Suicide, Alcoholism, Drugs, Martial breakdown and the like are increasing at an alarming rate. It would seem that as the material comforts of life have increased, mental health is deteriorating. Mental health is achieved if man develops in to full maturity according to the characteristics and laws of human nature. Mental illness consists in the failure of such development.
According to the National Mental Health Programme document about 20-30 million Indians are in need of some form of mental health care. Every year 250000 new cases are reported. But those figures do not include the thousands of others who may be suffering in silence without access to help. With proper can avoid chronic illness and disability. A large number of people can be helped merely by listening, providing care and equipping them with life skills to cope with stressful situations in life.
A growing awareness of the shortage of professional guidance and the ineffectiveness of traditional treatment has led to a a large number of persons to seek new avenues.
In the next five years India needs at least 1000000 counselors nationwide. Right now we don’t have even 10000 trainees counselors.